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Lovely Rainbow Nation

Traveling is about seeking the unfamiliar. Cape Town, where I recently traveled to visit a friend, is about as different from Zurich as another city can be: in landscape, in emotional temperature, in price tag, in working ground rules. Even in season.

If Switzerland sometimes thrives on homogeneity (call that acculturation, call it security, call it what you like), South Africa struck me as vibrant precisely because of its diversity. Where you would glance and say “That is red”, a second look would show you a dozen other hues within that initial chromatic impression. It is called the rainbow nation for a (deeper) reason. 

This richness trickles down to all expressions of life there, including, yes, children’s literature. I can’t wait to weave the children’s books I picked up into a StoryLab down the road. They are simply gorgeous! 

Even the process of coming by these lovely books, reflects the values of our project. I arrived at them not through some impersonal online research, but by striking up conversations with mothers, friends and shopkeepers. Human exchange is such a precious, beautiful thing. May we never, ever lose it.

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Celeste and Mariana at Reader’s Warehouse Tokai, Cape Town

And on that note, a special thanks goes out to Natalie Portela for her tips on where to go, to Celeste from Reader’s Warehouse Tokai for her precious guidance and to Jenny Du Plessis for her beautiful gift to my child. 

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