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Mini-interview: Silence with David Suivez

David is a yoga teacher, DJ and dance workshop organizer. You can find him at

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David Suivez (Photo credit: David Suivez)

i). What role does silence play in what you do?

I just bought a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to quiet my surrounding and focus more on what I feel – and see. Becoming aware of the observer who I am, internally and externally, allows me to calm down and make space. It helps me to detach, detangle and see life from a bigger picture, in a more playful way. Silence can be super loud, especially after a night of loud music. Whatever the volume and density of sound is – it’s always about the ratio and context. Is complete silence possible or is it more like a feeling?

ii). How does that silence feel to you?

Silence to me is a feeling of being in a sanctuary – a zen place where everything is in its right place, not demanding any attention from me. It helps me focus and it’s comforting, shielding from the loud outside world. Like a non-thinking mind. Silence is also scary and provokes loneliness and the urge to come up with creative ideas to fill an empty black hole. Like an over-thinking mind.

iii). In today’s world, people often struggle with silence. Do you feel we would benefit from a bit more silence? How could we go about finding it?

Silence is a luxurious good. Most of us don’t really learn how to consume silence. Confronting oneself with silence is maybe a bit like looking into a mirror or listening to your own voice. Both make you feel a bit uncomfortable after an amount of time and it needs time and practice, maybe even a coach or teacher to benefit from such a confrontation. So, what about a silence teacher? If silence is the absence of loudness, maybe we should focus first on modulating the loudness instead of trying to mute it completely. Shifting focus to our senses, feeling gratefulness and experiencing a flow state of being would definitely be the way to incorporate (embody) silence into everyday life, especially if there’s no sanctuary around the corner or you cannot afford noise cancelling headphones. 



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