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Silence: a mini-series

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We asked all participants in our mini-interviews on silence to answer the same three simple questions.

Last 7 April, we ran a truly amazing StoryLab at the Johann Jacob Museum on the topic of silence (more specifically, on silence in childhood). Once it was through though, we felt we weren’t quite through with the topic. There is just so much to it. We wanted to explore more.

We brainstormed. Why not interview Erling Kagge, the famous Norwegian explorer that wrote a remarkable book on how silence affected him in his  many expeditions and beyond (Silence: In the Age of Noise)? That sounded great. But wouldn’t it be even better to invite some of the children that attended the StoryLab on silence to interview Erling Kagge themselves? After all, they had already explored the topic with us and maybe they’d like an opportunity to learn how to interview someone pretty famous and accomplished. (You can see how this idea is gaining momentum, right?) And, to set the tone (because silence isn’t something you can just plop into), how about a series of mini-interviews leading up to the major interview with Kagge? We could interview people that use silence as a tool in their work and are somehow connected to the city of Zurich (our home base).

Yes, yes and yes – was the only possible answer. So, we are very happy to kick-off this series of 5 mini-interviews on the captivating topic of silence in the lead-up to the interview with Erling Kagge early next week. In these mini-interviews, you will here from a yoga teacher, a wildlife photographer, a nun, a children’s author/illustrator, a psychoanalyst and a classical musician. All were asked the same 3 simple questions about silence.

Their answers are as varied and beautiful as the experience of silence itself. Enjoy!



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